Book Review #26: Why I am a Hindu by Shashi Tharoor

This is one of the books I bought this year. Given the acerbic atmosphere of the country, I thought this would be a good reminder of what we are. But alas, Mr. Tharoor did not live up to my expectation of him. I confess that I have only read Tharoor's Great Indian Novel, but it [...]

Book Review #25: Celestial Bodies by Jokha Al-harthi

The first review of 2020 and I am delighted that I picked this as my first read of the decade. It's a beautiful yet melancholic account of life in Oman, spanning generations, gender and social standing. As the chapters have been written character-wise, I would also break down my review for principal characters. The book [...]

Book Review #23: On a Truck Alone, to McMahon by Nabanita Deb Sen

After searching high and low for this book, I finally found it in a second hand bookstore on my last visit to Kolkata. You must be wondering why, because a simple Google search of the title yields links to Amazon. But I had no intention of reading the English translation at all. I was on [...]